Providing investors with the
tools to make informed decisions.
Providing investors with the
tools to make informed decisions.
 Tracking 1255 U.S. listed China Stocks and Counting...
 Tracking 3121 U.S. Stocks and Counting...

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Premium Message Board Features

We've enhanced our boards to offer our members some of the most unique forum tools available on web today. With the Premium Membership, take your social interaction on GeoInvesting to the next level

  • Create and Moderate your own Free or Premium message Boards
  • Categorize your post by 10 different types for focused exposure of your messages
  • Create polls
  • Send Private Replies to other users
  • Filter by post type
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Choose from several different views and set your default to your liking
  • See your and other's post histories
  • Configure your email notifications to alert you on activity of threads,boards and people you follow on the message boards.
  • "Ask Bob" – Communicate directly with GEO's own PRC Attorney. See 'PRC Legal Counsel' tab below for details
  • "CPA To Go" – Communicate directly with GEO's own CPA. See 'CPA To Go' tab below for details

PRC Legal Counsel Service

You can now gain access to a top-notch attorney well versed in Chinese markets.  As a subscriber to our  "PRC Legal Counsel" Service, or  What we refer in the office as "Ask Bob," you will be able to email questions directly to experienced lawyer and interact with him on his Message Board

Take some of the guesswork out of your investing in Chinese Companies by getting straight answers from a legal expert as part of our low monthly fee. You can gain access to "Bob" for an entire year for less than his normal hourly billing rate. Ask about:

  • Ownership structures such as VIE(Variable Interest Entity) and FIE(Foreign Invested Enterprise)
  • Difference in SEC vs. SAIC(State Administration for Industry Commerce)filings
  • Credit ratings
  • Related party transactions
  • Chinese corporate culture

Don't miss this limited-time offer. Become a Subscriber to GeoInvesting’s "PRC Legal Counsel" service today and start asking Bob. 

CPA To Go Service

You can now take advantage of our expertise with a subscription to our "CPA To Go" service. Join today and our Certified Public Accountant will provide a review of a company you are studying. You can also catch up with him at his Board on GeoInvesting

For our low monthly fee, you won't find this perspective anywhere else. Get connected today and welcome our CPA into your office. Let him help to guide you and answer company specific questions regarding;

  • Valuation scenarios;
  • GAAP and Non-GAAP reporting;
  • The impacts of multiple accounting principles;
  • Auditing procedures;
  • Auditor ratings;
  • Testing earnings estimates, and
  • Building forecasting models
Risk Analysis

When it comes to Chinese companies, information can sometimes be a little less clear due to factors that can lead to differences between U.S Listed Chinese company SAIC and SEC filings.That's where a monthly subscription to our "Risk Analysis" comes in. Our "Risk Analysis" will provide you with an expert's look at due diligence on select Chinese companies. You'll receive:

  • An overall ‘list review’ of whether or not U.S. Listed Chinese company SAIC and SEC filings match;
  • A more comprehensive review of SAIC and SEC filings with income statement and balance sheet comparisons (coming soon);
  • Analysis of why SAIC filings may not match SEC filings and what it means for your investing decisions;
  • Dilution risk assessments;
  • A compilation of the auditors that represent U.S. listed Chinese companies;
  • A snapshot of the rank of these Auditors;
  • Auditor histories for U.S. Listed Chinese companies (coming soon), and
  • Valuable, timely research reports supported by:
    • On-the-ground due diligence at Chinese company facilities;
    • In-depth understanding and analysis of Chinese corporate culture.

Your money is too valuable to trust to chance. Get the real answers with GeoInvesting and make an informed decision. Best of all, a monthly subscription to our "Risk Analysis" will leave you plenty of cash to invest...

U.S. Stock Research and Analysis

U.S. Stock Research

Our roots have always been in the identification of U.S. investment opportunities spanning growth stocks, special situations, speculative plays, takeover candidates, pink sheet specials, bargains and more.  We feel there is no better way to pinpoint these kinds of stocks than through the use of fundamental stock screens. Through constant monitoring of real time 52-week, 6 month and 3 month highs, we can quickly narrow down our pool of stocks, and then further eliminate those that we feel aren't quite ready to be tracked by the GeoTeam.  Our lines of communication on the stocks that we do track are always open through Premium Email Alerts, Exclusive Premium Message Boards, our blog and daily web mining research notes, making it easier for our members to avoid the lengthy process it would take to do the same on their own.  In a nutshell, we place importance on what we feel will help us glean the most on the stocks we track, such as:

  • Reading all news releases from all major wires looking for any development to pursue further due diligence on.
  • Reading Edgar filings to find hidden clues not noticed by investment community.
  • Track earnings beats/misses.
  • Listening to conference calls.
  • Conducting interviews with management.

U.S. Pump and Dumps

Some of the most brazen frauds come in the form of companies in the United States that have no real business to speak of but promise revolutionary and 'sexy' business opportunities that they purport will put them at the forefront of their respective industries, ready to compete with the best of the best. The GeoTeam excels at exposing these companies and wastes no time in highlighting the highest profile Pump and Dump stocks as they run with expensive promotion as well as implode with the eventual dump. When looking into a suspect company, timely in-depth GeoTeam Pump and Dump reports include:

  • Details on the company's going public transactions
  • A history of the company and any other possible manifestations of its existence
  • A look at the key officers of the company and any past history with other Pump and Dumps
  • A break down of the promotional campaigns exacted by third-party outfits
  • Valuations of the stock
  • Comparative analyses

We will always tell you where we stand with our current trading positions on these stocks. Come aboard and stay informed.